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Full Fibre Broadband rollout progress!

Openreach claims 2 million premises now have full fibre broadband

If you, like most, want the fastest internet you can get then these two snippets of information are very positive…  We have a few customers that now have have the service, and the speed is pretty good!


“The pace of the full fibre roll-outs across the UK is actually very close to the pace of the broadband superfast roll-outs between 2010 and 2015 now which when you consider the amount of extra working involved is starting to look impressive, though for all providers if their own and Government targets are to be met the pace will need to rise further.”

Source: ThinkBroadband

“This week (Late December 2019) we made full fibre broadband available to our two-millionth home, meaning we’re still on track to reach four million front doors by the end of March 2021. At the same time, there are still more than 14 million homes and businesses in the UK that could order a better service over our network today, but who haven’t yet upgraded. That means they could be missing out on better connections that would allow them to work from home, stream entertainment, and manage their smart home devices without any interruptions. We’d encourage people to check our online fibre checker (www.openreach.co.uk/fibrecheckerpr) and discover what might be on offer in their area.”

Openreach spokesperson responding to Connected Nations report