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Internet connectivity

Connectivity to the internet is fundamental for business today, it underpins so many things that we do – Email communication, Web browsing, Online Banking. Many people take ‘being connected’ for granted and do not consider having a backup solution, we can help provide solutions including some with ‘automatic failover’. We can work with several different providers (ISPs) on a regular basis and can vouch for their services as we use them ourselves. Solutions include ADSL broadband, Fibre broadband (FTTC), GEA, EFM, 4G and leased-lines.  

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Hosted Exchange & Cloud Services

People talk about putting their business in ‘the cloud’, but what do they mean? Cloud computing simply describes a new way of providing services. Information is stored on the internet and typically available via a web browser and, if required, allow you to give other users controlled access to the information that you store.   One of our Cloud solutions is called Hosted Exchange (also known as Office 365), which is a fantastic way of giving you access to your emails, calendar and contacts from mobile devices, smartphones or computers that you own. The information on all the devices is identical so you can update your diary or send an email on the go! Whilst we are a Microsoft Cloud Partner, our advice is impartial. If the cloud is not for you then there are other options for remote working which can give you a secure way of accessing files and programs on your office computer, such as your accounts software.  

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Telephony & VoIP Services

We can offer quality telephone systems and services coupled with cheaper calls. We can help make sense of the diverse options available when selecting a telephone system. Whatever the number of lines or extensions, we have experience in delivering customised systems.   There have been many advances in telephony in recent years, the biggest being VoIP, in layman’s terms, telephone calls being carried by computer networks. There are numerous advantages to this, the biggest being that geographic location is no longer is a key factor. This means you could work from home and calls made to your business could ring at the office and at home. Disaster recovery is also easier as you can very quickly setup a phone at an alternative location. There are so many benefits that we cannot list them all here. It could be that you never need to speak to BT again! The service that we offer is very high and there are certainly no offshore call centres involved. For a free, no obligation, communications review of your billing and rental charges please contact us.  

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Email Archiving

Your Business Runs on Email? Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources of our time. A lot of information required in day-to-day business is saved in the form of emails.   There is also legal significance to the emails. Like paper documents, they are subject to legal requirements in many countries and must be stored in a tamper-proof manner and be located again at a moment’s notice. What’s more, emails can be used to protect the company in the event of legal disputes. Only those who are able to manage emails efficiently can truly consider themselves ready for the future. Email archiving offers many legal, technical, and financial advantages, talk to us for more details.  

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Bespoke Software Design

There are many ‘off-the-shelf’ systems available to perform tasks like customer relationship management and accounts however they may not perfectly suit the way you do things in your business.   At Expert IT, we appreciate that not all customers are the same, and so we focus on designing a solution tailored to the needs of your business. We can design, implement and support bespoke systems. These can cut down on paperwork, automate time consuming processes and improve efficiency, saving you time and money.  

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Hardware, Software & Consumable Supply

Regularly we are asked to recommend, supply and install items for our clients such as printers, scanners and backup devices. We can supply software from most software vendors, such as 3CX, Adobe, Autodesk, AVG, ESET, Microsoft & Sage. We can source inkjet cartridges, laser toners, fax machine spares at extremely reasonable prices, please ask us for a no obligation quote.