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Zen Internet add price guarantee to some services

Zen Internet has stepped the up the broadband price guarantee game with a new variation, rather than just no price rises during the minimum contract term they are saying no price rises while you remain with the provider and on the same service.

“As long as you stay with Zen, we promise there will be no price rises. That’s a lifetime guarantee. Of course, this doesn’t stop us reducing the price you pay, and we reserve the right to do so!”

New Zen Internet Price Guarantee

The guarantee as far as we can tell applies to the ADSL2+ service if you signup on a 12 month contract and the FTTC/VDSL2 (superfast or FTTP if that is available to you) services, but does not apply to the ultrafast products.

There has been one main price change to the Unlimited Fibre 2 including Zen phone line and rental, this has dropped to £38.99/m, a very small price premium of just £1.99/m compared to the entry level Fibre 1 service (Fibre 1 is based on the 40/10 service while Fibre 2 is an 80/20 product). Also activation costs have vanished on a number of products. The range of packages offered covers both those with line rental and without (so you can keep the phone line with another provider).

As a Zen partner please feel free to talk to us about your internet – speed, quality or value for money.

Source: ThinkBroadband