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Windows 11 is out,  but should you go for it yet?

Windows 11 is finally here! Providing a nice graphical overhaul to Windows 10 and adding some other features too. But, the question is, should you upgrade and start using it now? With some changes being for the better, and some being not so good, this question is not as black and white as it seems.

First, as with almost all new software releases, there are some bugs and glitches which could hinder the user in some ways. We have noticed that some of our clients that have made the jump to Windows 11 have been unable to print or on some occasions, unable to send emails due to some niggling compatibility issues with Microsoft Office. If these are things that you need on a daily basis, then consider waiting a while for Microsoft to patch these up before upgrading. A list of all the bugs that come with Windows 11 can be found here.

Furthermore, due to Windows 11’s meticulous security and hardware requirements, your current machine may not even be able to run Windows 11. As far as we can tell, Windows 11 will be compatible on most machines that are less than 2 years old (from 2019) so in order to see what Windows 11 has to offer, the user may have to purchase a new machine, which understandably may not always be ideal.

To conclude, Windows 11 has some great features within it, such as increased speed and performance in some areas, a nice new graphical interface, a new window tiling system that is a lot more productive than the one used in windows 10 and a more modern, cleaner feel to name a few. However, we wouldn’t recommend upgrading now, primarily due to the reasons listed above, but also, Windows 10 still has four years left of support, with it ending in 2025. If you’re a fan of Windows 10 and you don’t want to change, then that is no problem at all! This is also a great short term workaround for users who do not wish to upgrade their machine’s hardware yet, or do not have a machine that is particularly old but still in good nick.

If you have any questions on this please contact us.