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The evolution of computing

Whilst we are in ‘holiday’ mode, we thought it would be a good idea to tie a few news articles together…

The evolution of computing can probably be seen most clearly in terms of games.  This article from the BBC shows the progression from Space Invaders (1978) through Minecraft (2011) to the latest instalments of Call of Duty.  We have moved from blocky basic imagery and sounds which were, well, limited at best, into immersive experiences in virtual reality with almost life-life graphics backed by a wide array of sound and music.  Some examples of the soundtracks from video games can be found on Spotify.  Google have a history of video game music here.

However… (not wishing to focus too much on gaming) we should focus on some of the benefits that technology can bring to those who most need it.

Giant computer ‘bringing joy’ to Essex dementia patients

A friend of mine has a glucose monitor for his diabetes, which is an implant, which links to his mobile phone.  No more having to prick your finger, put a spot of blood on a strip and put the strip into a machine.  For someone that might have to do that a couple of times a day, this technology must be a massive relief.

And a glimpse of the future of transport, perhaps… Virgin Hyperloop unveils new pod concept video to most of us this seems like something from the sci-fi realm (Star Trek perhaps).

An interesting week in the technology news.