How to make and email a screenshot

Here are some instructions on how to take a screenshot:

1) Prepare for the screenshot. Make sure that the window you want to take a screenshot of is not obscured but other windows or dialog boxes, also hide anything that might be personal, when you take the screenshot everything on your screen will be captured.


2) Press the ‘Print Screen’ key. You will probably find the ‘Print Screen’ key just above the numeric pad or control keys. This will capture a copy of your entire screen to the system ‘clipboard’ just like when you highlight and copy some text.


3) Open the ‘Paint’ program. You can open Paint by clicking on ‘Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint’. Instead of ‘Paint’ you can use any other image editing program you are comfortable with.


4) Paste the image into ‘Paint’. You can paste the image from the clipboard by pressing the ‘Control’ and ‘v’ keys at the same time, or by using the ‘Edit -> Paste’ menu option in ‘Paint’.


5) Save the file in jpeg format. Now you can save the file in a user-friendly format such as jpeg. This will reduce the size of the file (do NOT save it in bitmap or .bmp format, these files are VERY large), Just choose ‘File -> Save As…’ from the menu, browse to an easy to find location ie the Desktop, give the file a name ie ‘my-settings.jpg’, select JPEG from the ‘Save as type’ drop down then click the [Save] button.


6) Open your email software, such as Microsoft Outlook. Create a new email in the usual way. Click the paperclip icon on the toolbar, or choose ‘File’ from the ‘Insert’ menu.

7) Locate the screenshot (in this example we saved it on the Desktop as ‘my-settings.jpg’), highlight it by clicking once on it and then click the [Insert] button.