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How To Get Your Employees On Board With Cyber Security

This week we have a guest blog from VPNgeeks.com

Cyber security is very important; it completely safeguards your company or business’ data. If your data is secure, it means that it won’t be interfered with by anybody. If it gets interfered, you will lose some crucial data that might have a negative effect on your business.

You may not be able to do it alone as the owner of the business. This ought to be a collective responsibility of all the stakeholders within your business. You need to educate and inform the employees about the need to safeguard the data of the company. Show them how significant the data is, and you can inform them how best to safeguard it. Basically, you need to make them feel that they are part of the ownership of the business. Through this, they will become responsible and do all that it takes to secure the data. As the management of the business, you can do the following as a way of providing the security to your business’ data;

• Help the employees understand significance of the cyber security
• Make the cyber security part of the on-boarding process
• Continuous training and evaluation
• Distribute information
• Establish internal communication strategy
• Appoint cyber security culture advocates
• Rewards for the best employees on matters cyber security
• Transparency
• Use the right tools

Help the employees understand significance of cyber security

Many employees in different organisation don’t feel like they are part of the company. They therefore do not care much about the security of the data of the company. As part of management, you need to inform them always of the risks involved once the cyber security is not guaranteed. You can use different platforms to do this. For instance you may opt to use the painted picture that highlights some of the risks that are associated with the cyber insecurity. Make them understand that the issue of the cyber insecurity can stretch up to their personal bank accounts. This will eventually mean that they may use the wealth that they have gathered all their life.

Make the cyber security part of the on-boarding process

From the word go, you need to train all of your employees to be sensitive about the cyber security. It should be emphasised so as it can become the culture of all the employs to take care of the data of the company. You need to make this process so continuous and always give it an emphasis during the board meetings. Train your employees on different types of attacks and how each of the attack can be combated. Let them understand how to use the VPNs to detect and fight against the vice. To be able to detect any malicious activity within the system is one step an employer would have moved in the fighting of the cyber insecurity. VPNs

Continuous training and evaluation

The best way to inform your employees on how to fight various cyber-attacks can be through the simulations. You need to come up with a simulated attack, let the employee detect it and try to fight against the attack. Make sure they are educated in how to use VPNs. This is just one of many educational lessons your employees should have about cyber attacks. They will be able to learn about the repercussions the attack could have to both the company and for them as individual employees. After they have done this, evaluate them and make some adjustments at that point that you are sure they did not get it right.

Distribute information

If you really want your employees to understand the lessons about the fighting against the cyber-crimes, you need to give them information in bits. Most people switch of once they get bored with a lot of information, they may end up getting no idea. So it is advisable for you as the instructor to distribute this information and give it to them in smaller quantities for easy and efficient understanding.

Establish internal communication strategy

As art of the training of your employees, let them understand the hierarchy of the leadership of the firm. You need to create a structured hierarchy and inform the employees who to report in case they are able to detect any malicious activity that they suspect to be part of the cyber-crime. You can also inform them the first thing to do once they detect of any attack. For instance, they may be required to unplug the Internet cable or switch off the computer. This will eventually mitigate the situation as they are waiting for direction from the relevant IT manager.

Appoint cyber security culture advocates

If you are looking for the convenience in the fight against the cyber insecurity, you need to act as a commander. At every department of your business, appoint the advocates of the cyber security. Let them have all the knowledge pertaining to these attacks. They should also have the responsibility to teach other members of the staff about the expected crime. They will be able to teach them about the VPNs ability to combat the crime and how everything takes place.

Rewards for the best employees on matters cyber security

As a way to motivate those employees who have shown great concern and improvement of their ability to combat the cyber insecurity, you need to reward them. During rewarding, you should ensure that all other employees are available to watch. This will act as a motivation. At the end of the day, amongst your employees, you will have so many ambassadors for the sake of cyber security.

Source: VPNgeeks.com