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Can your business afford the cost of internet downtime?

With recent research indicating that internet downtime cost UK businesses approximately £12bn in 2016, is this something yours can afford?

Businesses are relying ever more on internet connectivity. Whether that involves connecting remote offices and workers, backing up data, using cloud services or unified communications, the potential costs of downtime can be significant. In fact, 38% of businesses report a complete shutdown in their operations when the internet goes down.

And in this world, where a dropped connection can have serious consequences, it can be healthy to ask whether traditional broadband connectivity is sufficient.

If the prospect of downtime is too much for your business to bear, the additional reliability and resilience of a leased line connection might be for you. But how can a leased line help to keep you connected?

Not reliant on traditional infrastructure

Leased lines provide dedicated connectivity, not subject to the vagaries of traditional broadband like variable speed, congestion and transmission errors.

Your dedicated connection to the exchange is yours and yours alone, and that means better performance, greater reliability and improved security.

Highly resilient and reliable

Perhaps key to staying connected with leased lines are the excellent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that come with the package. For example, leased lines from Zen come with a 99.9% availability SLA as standard, with dedicated 24-hour support and a four-hour onsite engineering response.

Those types of guarantee aren’t usually available with traditional broadband services – and they provide a greater assurance of connectivity, and peace of mind to the end user.

And added resilience options

If 99.9% availability isn’t enough, leased lines can also be combined, or paired with backup circuits, to achieve 100% availability SLAs. That’s an absolute guarantee of remaining connected at all times.

When your business can’t afford downtime, leased lines provide an excellent solution. Through the reliable connectivity that they provide, leased lines can help you to avoid the downtime that could cost your business dearly.

But it’s not all about reliability. Leased lines can provide a number of other benefits when it comes to business connectivity.


As your business requirements change, the leased line connectivity you needed a year ago may no longer be sufficient. The ability to scale up your bandwidth can help to ensure that your connectivity keeps up with you as your business grows.

Symmetrical connectivity

In the world of business, uploads can be just as important as downloads (if not more so). If you’re regularly backing up data or video-conferencing for example, you’ll need a sufficient upload speed.

With a leased line, uploads are the same speed as downloads – helping to eliminate bandwidth constraints.

True unified communications

The additional bandwidth and reliability afforded by leased line connections can make them an ideal vehicle for true unified communications – smoothly running your voice, data and video conferencing through a single network.

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Source: Zen Internet