Windows 10 – 1809 update – new features

12th April 2019

Microsoft are in the process of rolling out their 1809 update to Windows 10 to users who are on the…

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What is 2FA and why should we use it?

10th April 2019

It’s better to be safe than sorry Hacking a password is fairly easy, but obtaining a physical device that generates…

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Zen Internet add price guarantee to some services

27th March 2019

Zen Internet has stepped the up the broadband price guarantee game with a new variation, rather than just no price…

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The Right Way to Manage (and Rid Yourself of) PST Files

13th March 2019

This is an article we couldn’t help resist sharing.  It is a bit geeky, but those of you with large…

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Reviewing and Cleaning Up Your Facebook Data

27th February 2019

Most people have seen the stories about Facebook releasing your “personal” data and didn’t really know what to make of…

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How To Get Your Employees On Board With Cyber Security

13th February 2019

This week we have a guest blog from Cyber security is very important; it completely safeguards your company or…

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Half of UK homes could get faster broadband

30th January 2019

According to this BBC article it might be worth checking if you can get better internet for the same or…

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Speed Dial 2 – New tab page for Google Chrome and Firefox

16th January 2019

What is it?Speed Dial 2 is an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. How can it help…

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The biggest tech attack surface in your company and how to reduce it

2nd January 2019

Here is an article which we thought you might find interesting… Security is all about managing risk. In other words,…

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Mobile Security Myths Debunked

26th December 2018

Mobile business applications are game changers for companies. However, many businesses show reluctance when it comes to ramping up the…

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