WordPress Plugin Security – New ESET Threat Report is out

5th July 2024

ESET have produced a report of the threats seen in the first half of 2024, as seen by their servers…

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10 things to avoid posting on social media – and why

23rd April 2024

Do you often take to social media to broadcast details from your life? Here’s why this habit may put your…

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Are your new smart devices secure?

16th January 2024

Check New Smart Devices Will Comply with April’s New Legislation From April, Smart Devices sold in the UK will need…

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Top 3 security awareness topics for your employees

27th November 2023

Last month was Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM). This is an awareness-raising initiative that spans both consumer and corporate worlds, although…

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Small Business Guide: Cyber Security

13th October 2023

We found a very helpful guide from the NCSC which we thought we should share with fellow small business owners……

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Email threat types to know about

26th September 2023

Email threats seem to have increased again in the past few months.  A graphic, which follows, shows that emails are…

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Getting off the hook: 10 steps to take after clicking on a phishing link

11th September 2023

Phishing emails are a weapon of choice for criminals intent on stealing people’s personal data and planting malware on their…

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Backup of Microsoft 365 data – Protect your critical information

29th August 2023

Have you ever thought about the data that is held on your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 service and how…

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ESET Threat Report published

27th July 2023

ESET have released their Threat Report covering the first half of 2023 – it’s a bit geeky, but gives some…

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Ofcom’s analysis of UK connectivity shows full-fibre on the rise.

22nd May 2023

According to Ofcom we now have 48% coverage of the UK for full-fibre internet (fibre optic cable ran into your…

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