Avoiding online scams: small business edition

30th September 2020

You have enough to worry about – your business finances, taking care of your employees, giving your customers what they…

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Microsoft Office 2010 Approaches End of Life

28th September 2020

Support for Microsoft Office 2010 is scheduled to end on October 13th, 2020, with no extension or extended security updates…

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Working from home & blended working – getting cyber security right!

16th September 2020

Staff from all organisations are working in different ways… Some may be returning to their offices for a few days…

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What is Ransomware?

2nd September 2020

Ransomware has been around for years, but we would like to remind you of the threat it poses. Ransomware is…

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3 reasons to choose an SSD over a HDD

19th August 2020

In a follow-up to our last blog we’d like to share these 3 bullet points with you…   1. Speed:…

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Boosting Performance in Your Old PC

12th February 2020

Now you’re probably thinking, how is this possible? There are numbers of ways of speeding up a computer today, but…

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Full Fibre Broadband rollout progress!

22nd January 2020

Openreach claims 2 million premises now have full fibre broadband If you, like most, want the fastest internet you can…

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Common Myths about Private/Incognito Web Browsing

7th January 2020

Private Browsing is a useful feature of Firefox, but only if you understand the protection it offers. It helps you obscure…

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Are BT going to stop supplying normal telephone lines?

6th December 2019

Openreach (aka BT in most of our eyes) are set to withdraw a whole plethora of services in 2025, and…

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Five Fast And Functional Tips To Boost Your Email Productivity

13th November 2019

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: It’s a Monday, and you arrive at work quite optimistic. There is…

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