How do you create a strong password?

11th October 2017

Passwords have and will be the bane of everyone’s digital life for many a year to come. Almost everything we…

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Cyber Essentials Cyber Security Certification

27th September 2017

The Cyber Essentials cyber security certification program has been in place since 2014. It is a certification that demonstrates to…

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Top 15 tips to improve cyber security

13th September 2017

Even the largest and most sophisticated companies like Google and Facebook still succumb to the threat of cybercrime. So it’s not…

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Giant spambot scooped up 711 million email addresses

6th September 2017

This is quite an interesting article and this will be one reason for the recent increase in junk emails…

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UK data protection laws to be overhauled

30th August 2017

Businesses are ‘unprepared’ for GDPR A recent YouGov survey revealed that a mere 29pc of UK businesses have started preparing for…

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Two in three bosses at Britain’s biggest businesses not trained to deal with a cyber attack

23rd August 2017

A report was launched by the Government this week suggesting that charities and businesses aren’t doing enough in the area…

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27% of SMEs are Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks Due to Being Uneducated

16th August 2017

One of the first, and most important lines of defence when it comes to business related cybercrime is your staff. However,…

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Questions You Need to Ask About Your Cloud Storage and Backups

2nd August 2017

“The Cloud” is a wonderful concept. You buy technology services as needed and they promise essentially zero downtime. Unfortunately, you…

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4K Computer Monitors – Are They Worth The Investment?

19th July 2017

Before buying new technology it’s always important to do the proper research first so you know whether or not you’re…

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Digital connectivity increases productivity and growth

5th July 2017

There are clear benefits to the wider UK economy if small businesses further increase their use of broadband and mobile…

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