Why you should delete .doc, .xls or .ppt files

4th December 2018

The main carrier of virus infection is Microsoft Office documents, a fact that Microsoft doesn’t like to talk about. What…

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How do I watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix when abroad?

28th November 2018

We’ve regularly been asked how can I watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix when I’m on holiday. The answer is to…

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Do you ever find yourself running out of space on your Android Smartphone?

27th November 2018

Once installed, Google Files Go runs in the background and periodically gives personalised file clean-up recommendations for unused apps, large…

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IoT – “Internet of Things” Basics for Small Business

14th November 2018

OK. You’ve heard the term IoT or Internet of Things. First, what the heck is that? And second, why do…

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One internet connection is no longer sufficient

31st October 2018

The following makes for an interesting read… however… imagine your business couldn’t access the internet for a week would £8…

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Cheque’s in the post!

17th October 2018

As a fellow business owner we used to hear “cheque’s in the post” all the time when we are owed…

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US weapons systems can be ‘easily hacked’

15th October 2018

Saw this late last week and thought we should share it… US weapons systems can be ‘easily hacked’ Source:…

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Free Microsoft Teams version available for small businesses

3rd October 2018

Microsoft recently announced that it will now offer a free version of Microsoft Teams, its popular collaboration software. The free offering…

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Decade of digital change

19th September 2018

Phone and internet use: Number of mobile calls drops for first time On average, people pick up their phone once…

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The cyber threat landscape is never static

5th September 2018

What worked yesterday is obsolete tomorrow. These same rules apply for cybercriminals and the malicious cyberattacks they use to exploit…

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